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Studies – the worst thing

Go to college, they said... You will be educated, they said... You will have a dream job, they said...
What is the truth?

All the time I treated it as a new adventure in my life. Always interested us something new, something you have not experienced. The university I've heard various legends and stories, but I wanted to feel it for yourself. Therefore, I started studying with great excitement!

At the beginning I put myself that I would walk to everything. And I will learn on the fly. And that I will learn. And that I will not be late ....
It passed me after a week 🙂
Caused me the greatest joy is that I finally have targeted objects. I do not have to learn my hated history or other less exciting things to me. That's all it took until the advent of the first lesson of philosophy. We speak about this kind of thing, "standard deviation". Are unnecessary, but imposes ministry. Gradually, with each class there were fewer people. My philosophy has always bored, even though I liked to philosophize. The problem is that it will focus more on the sense of the words, than on who said what and in which year. Therefore, until I met my teacher during the exam session ...

A very large part of the course starts to be interesting, and then departs from the more important topics, or refers to presenting these interesting things superficial and boring. Often there are cases that you love exercise and very well understand the data subject, and the lectures have one lead, which at any price proves to all that, however, they are idiots. But it's still nothing. Same superficial things. The worst type of faculty is one that departs from the imposed material and laughing with you during the exam because you do not have to get ready, because on exercises and labs are doing completely different things.

Such are the realities. Apparently 3 types of one subject, and then it turns out that it was 3 separate things - often on other spheres. So how to pass tests and exams?
It all depends on luck and the teacher. Frequently, only one thing: a miracle.

Many times have I met with the fact that skills and knowledge do not go hand in hand with the result, and the people who do not do anything easily slip on, while you are learning what they have problems. On crediting and colloquia really need to stretch and bend. And later on - infamous - session just lucky enough to have.

The session itself in itself is not so bad. Experience tells me that could do it easily from day to day to absorb the material for an entire year (sometimes on a piece of paper, sometimes on the cell, and sometimes just in your mind). However, there a lot depends on how you hit a person who sits next to you, or if your work will check whether a graduate student in charge. So quietly, just pray ...