Agata Dobrowolska

I'm a Web Developer
I'm a Chess player
I'm a Roller skater
and above all BLONDE

Everything started with passion to web and love to work.
From an early age, I created few websites for friends and for schools that I attended. Later I joined my older brother, who has been programming in PHP forever.

In 2014 I got my first commercial work as a Junior Front-end Developer in SPERO company. Creating plugins for Wordpress and PrestaShop, server care, being a project manager and contacting clients - it was my everyday life.

Three years of experience later, I understood that I need to grow with technology. I found a Netkata Internet Software House in the center of Warsaw, where I can participate in large projects in React and Vue. Here you can find me to this day.

Rest of my experience is successful cooperation as a freelancer with companies from Europe (Poland, UK) and Asia (Israel, Japan).


I am currently working as Lead Front-End Developer. I train others in the areas of HTML, CSS, JS and JQuery. I also have 4 years of experience in Wordpress and Wocommerce - modules, hooks and actions in PHP. I have been co-creating projects based on ReactJS or VueJS for a year.

On the right you can find some of my projects. Visible screenshots show the status of the page at the time of its publication.

Most of the projects were created in cooperation with Frontkom, Netkata and SPERO:

netkata spero